BC Forest Massacres:

Capilano, Comox, Cowichan, Musqueam & Nimpkish

Left: One of the countless thousands of ancient Douglas firs felled by the logging industry in the Capilano Watershed, now North Vancouver. During the 20th century the grand original forest with its primaeval big tree groves was clearcut logged with no regard for the Capilano and Squamish and other Indigenous Salish Peoples.

The same tragic demolition saga took place everywhere in BC as the rapacious international forest industry invaded and laid waste to the land and waters that for thousands of years had sustained the First Nations, and whose names remain as testimony to these ecological crimes.


Ancient Forest


1900 to 1950s


Right: "A Sample of BC Fir" Diameter 9' 8''
North Vancouver, British Columbia, c. 1900

Biggest tree, Lynn Valley, 1900

Huge fir log, c. 1905

A big fir tree curiosity, 1911

Capilano log train, c. 1920

N. Vancouver, Capilano, c. 1920

Capilano Valley logging, c. 1920


Ancient Forest


1940s — 1980s


Right: Bernard Logging Co., Orford Bay, 1926

Cutting down a big cedar, c. 1920

International Timber, c. 1930

Campbell River Logging, 1934

Bernard Timber log train, 1926

Logged big fir, Rock Bay, 1934

Campbell River Logging, 1934


Ancient Forest


1920s — 1980s

Right: cedar snag, BC Forest Service, 1954

Falling, Cowichan Lake, 1920

Logging, Cowichan Lake, c. 1940

Logging, Cowichan Lake, c. 1940

Loggers, Cowichan Lake, c. 1940

Falling, BC Forest Service, 1954

Loggers, Cowichan Lake, 1960


Ancient Forest



Right: Kitsilano logging tract, Vancouver, 1910

Logging, Point Grey, University of BC, Vancouver, 1920

Bear, Kitsilano, Vancouver, 1910


Ancient Forest


1960s — 2000

Right: Canfor chokermen, Woss Lake, 1994

Logged ancient cedar, 1950

Canfor logging truck, 2000

Canfor ancient fir logging, 1994

Log train, Woss Lake, c. 1945

Canfor logging, Woss Lake, 1994

Canfor's Tree Farm #37, 1996

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