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This website project explores – primarily by means of visual representation – the relationships between on
the one hand environmental activism and nature preservation; and on the other corporate resource extraction and government politics, providing on these
a perspective of environmental history.

The website is an appeal to help protect the last primaeval forest habitats on the Northwest Coast of North America, those rare and vanishing refuges with intact biodiversity that have hitherto escaped the tsunami of population expansion and resource exploitation triggered by European colonialism.

www.cathedralgrove.eu is motivated by a concern over
the degradation of wild nature by the global wood products industry and documents the rapacious clearing of ancient forests and its devastating impact on indigenous identity and culture, highlighted here in the case of totem poles and Northwest Coast carving.

Cathedral Grove in British Columbia, Canada is given the spotlight in this visual narrative of the plight of big trees and endangered forest ecosystems. Cathedral Grove became an international flashpoint in 2001 and again in 2004 when its biological integrity was threatened by the construction of a parking lot.