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Corrupt Governance

The ecological degradation of British Columbia (BC) over the past half century has been made possible by the collusion of the multinational forest industry and BC politicians. Now that most of the lucrative old growth forests are gone, the giant logging companies are consolidating at the cost of local communities who see their future disappearing with the steady export of raw logs. Frequent protests against the government policies that facilitate this downward spiral are held in Victoria, including a demonstration organized by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee in 2004 (right). Cross sector representatives for unions, labour federations and environmental groups are calling for an immediate end to raw log exports to preserve BC's vanishing old growth forests and jobs in forest dependent communities.


"Ban Raw Log Exports," Victoria, BC, 2004
Photo: Jeremy Williams


"Ban Raw Log Exports." Port Alberni, 3 May 2006.
Photo: Save Our Valley Alliance

Port Alberni forestry workers, environmentalists, unionists, water users and other community members have called for a ban on raw log exports: "Ships are taking these logs to Asia while our own mills lack a secure supply. This a direct result of BC Government actions that have taken our wealth and given it to Island Timberlands. It is a clear case of failure to govern in the public interest" Save Our Valley Alliance.

Save Our Valley Alliance is demanding that TimberWest stop its destructive logging practices in the Beaufort Range and that the BC government reverse the recent decision to deregulate private forest lands.

Road blockades (above and right) and "Raw Log Truck Counts" with the Youbou TimberLess Society to bring public attention to the problem of massive raw log exports, disappearing forestry jobs and dying communities.


According to Youbou TimberLess Society member Roger Wiles, "The cunningly divisive campaigns by forest companies have pitted workers and communities against environmentalists. They have concocted and coordinated a poisonous and bogus 'jobs versus environment' debate, polarizing the issue and capitalizing on the resultant discord. This is more than a case of divide and conquer; it is divide and deregulate" Hinterland View on Ancient Forests.

Logging protest, 3 May 2006.
Photo: Save Our Valley Alliance


Vancouver Island: Sold Out By Government Greed (right). On 7 March 2006, a community protest took place west of Cathedral Grove on the Port Alberni Highway in the pouring rain. Loggers, mill workers and environmentalists formed a blockade to stop logging trucks departing from Port Alberni as a protest against the soaring rate of raw log exports. The protesters are also demanding an end to the clearcut logging of their drinking watershed by the "rape and run" TimberWest company which operates with no concern over the health or long term economy of the community.

Port Alberni Blockade, 7 March 2005.
Photo: Phil Carson


Port Alberni Blockade, 7 March 2005.
Photos: Phil Carson


"Kanada-Laden," Viva Touristika Rostock, 2005.
Photo: Karen Wonders


Canadian flag cartoon.
Photo: anon

Selling Canada as the "Wild West" with Mounties and Indians is a lucrative branch of the German tourism industry (left). BC is especially valued for its primeaval coastal forests and their loss is of serious concern. Viva Touristika Rostock.


Clearcut forest land, MacMillan Bloedel's Franklin Division, Nuu-chah-Nulth Territory, c. 1995.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia