German Poster Display

On the Destruction of Forests

and Indigenous Culture in

Canada for German Paper

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Above: Posters by ArbeitsKreis noerdliche Urwaelder (Click images to enlarge)

Right: "Viva Touristika" Rostock Tourism Exposition. Canada is the second most popular foreign destination for German tourists. To promote its tourism industry, Canada takes part in German events such the event in Rostock during which about 13,000 Germans were introduced to its official tourism campaign, called "Canada: Discover Our True Nature." But the exposition organizers also wanted to give an alternative and non-commercial view of Canada, so they invited two German environmental groups to participate: ArbeitsKreis noerdliche Urwaelder (AKU), and its partner Urgewald. The two groups presented a "behind the scene" view of nature destruction in BC.

Click the photo for an album of the AKU Stand during which visitors were informed that the wild nature scenery promoted by Canada and the BC tourism industry hides the reality of massive forest loss and the plundering of First Nations' resources.

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